Company overview
NuFlora International specialises in developing and commercialising ornamental plant cultivars for domestic and international markets. We work predominantly with vegetative annuals, perennials, dwarf shrubs and cut flowers. Our intellectual property is protected through patents and plant breeder's rights and controlled by licensing with Australian and overseas partners for global distribution.

NuFlora was formed as a cooperative enterprise among the University of Sydney, through its Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) at Cobbitty (38% ownership), Mal Morgan (CEO and Marketing Manager) and Graham Brown (R&D Manager).

Competitive advantage
NuFlora combines traditional breeding techniques with advanced plant breeding technologies. This approach has enabled us to become among the world's most respected providers of innovative floriculture across a diverse range of crops. We also have ready access to a rich bank of plant germplasm from around the world. By applying our breeding expertise to this germplasm, we are able to produce attractive, hardy and low-maintenance cultivars.

We re-invest 75% of our royalty revenues in research and development programs to develop new products and advance our breeding technology. Our market-focussed R&D projects are developed in close consultation with our distributors to maximise their commercial potential.

Backed by distributors
NuFlora has a strong relationship with many of the world’s leading plant distributors, such as Proven Winners, Ecke/PLA, Bodgers and Selecta. These relationships have been created and strengthened through our continued development of unique plant products. We work closely with our distributors to assess market conditions, develop new and innovative cultivars, trial cultivars in various international markets and ultimately distribute and sell our products.