14 April, 2010

NuFlora Abutilons feature at 2010 California Pack Trials. "Lucky Lanterns" is the name given to these much improved flowering maples. These new Abutilons are available from Plant Haven in three colours with more on the way. NuFlora's "Lucky Lanterns" are compact with improved branching and heat tolerance.

15 February, 2010

NuFlora has released a fantastic new Fuchsia called Electric Lights. It has much improved heat, cold and sun tolerance providing benefits to growers and consumers. It has excellent performance in a range of pot sizes and is also great in the landscape.

The superior performance of this NuFlora variety was recognised by the award of Best Fuchsia in Penn State trial 2009.

It's available from PLA (Europe), Ecke (USA) and Sprint Horticulture (Australia).

26 November, 2009

NuFlora International was a Finalist in the 2009 ATS Patrons' Award for Outstanding Export Achievement. The Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) is a national networking program aimed at promoting and developing export markets for innovative technology based products.  View our company profile on the ATS website to find out more about our innovative techniques in the development of drought tolerant landscaping plants and low maintenance ornamental plants. Click here to view a video about NuFlora International.

4 November, 2009

Two new Australian native plants have been released to the Australian market with much success.  Westringia, commonly called “coastal rosemary” are tough low water use plants, much loved by home gardeners and landscapers.

Mundi ™ is great new low maintenance groundcover.  
Naringa ™ is a new low maintenance hedge or specimen form. 

Ozbreed are marketing these drought tolerant cultivars in their
Native Shrubs and Groundcover Range.