About Nuflora

NuFlora International PL

The genesis of NuFlora as an international plant breeding company involved the establishment of international plant protection laws in the late 1980’s and the development of new facilities for the University of Sydney Plant Breeding Institute at Cobbitty NSW. Also key was the opportunity to have career pathways in horticulture through PHD projects for Australian youth using the skill sets of cereal breeding , extensive laboratory facilities and commercial expertise.

From this joint venture , NuFlora , a unique public/private company was formed where Sydney University is a major shareholder.


Scientific Foundation

NuFlora combines traditional breeding with advanced plant breeding technologies. This approach has enabled us to become among the world's most respected providers of innovative floriculture across a diverse range of crops. Via the University and collaborators we also have ready access to a rich bank of plant germplasm. By applying our breeding expertise to this germplasm, we are able to produce attractive, hardy and low-maintenance cultivars.

We re-invest 75% of our royalty revenues in research and development programs to develop new products and advance our breeding technology. Our market-focussed R&D projects are developed in close consultation with our distributors to maximise their commercial potential.


Advanced scientific techniques, genetic knowledge and collaboration are the foundations on which a good plant breeding company can stay creative and relevant. Constantly striving for excellence, varieties become higher yielding, disease resistant, drought tolerant and "Easy to Grow".

Product Development

NuFlora International specialises in developing and commercialising ornamental plant cultivars for domestic and international markets. We work predominantly with vegetative annuals, perennials, dwarf shrubs and potted vegetables. Our intellectual property is protected through patents and plant breeder's rights and controlled by licensing with Australian and overseas partners for global distribution.

The key to creating a long term sustainable plant breeding company that is creative, relevant and profitable, with ongoing growth potential, is all about securing the right people with a blend and mix of knowledge, experience, work ethics, compatibility and the desire to create, ”Easy to Grow” and ”Easy to Enjoy” plants.